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Margaret Sawires

Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Hello and welcome.  I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with over 19 years of experience.  In 2018, I expanded my work and founded Urban Psych--a private practice located in the heart of East Village, San Diego, CA.  Since the very beginning, my mission has been to offer quality, specialized, and in-depth psychological services, in a safe and comfortable setting, to as many individuals as possible.  My practice was built on a profound respect for others, authenticity, and genuine care for my fellow (wo)man.  At Urban Psych, treatment is dynamic, tailored to fit each individual's unique set of needs.  My staff and I pride ourselves on working hard to gain a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the struggles our patients face, and work collaboratively with them to achieve the various goals they have for themselves.  Our objectives are to help alleviate suffering, facilitate greater self-awareness, and foster more fulfilling, satisfying lives.  Our approach is warm, compassionate, honest, and engaging.   Psychology, Mental Health, Wellness

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